Footballism: Let’s celebrate football

Footballism: Let’s celebrate football

Football is forever favourite of many, over the years spectators have taken their compassion into another extend, precisely talking, a little ‘out of hand’.

 Football hooliganism, violent or disruptive behaviour of football spectators, is a common sight all around the world, fans screaming their team names and striking others down, making racist comments and jokes, even composing songs of their own. Well hooliganism is still haunting every game, fans clash over the years have increased. This year FIFA in Russia, there were wide exaggerated chinwags speeded, stating, Russia is going to be filled with anti-fifa hooligans, luckily till this minute everything is calm and quite.

Well recently a tragic incident took place here in Kerala, where a fan of a specific team committed suicide, in his last words he wrote that he was deeply disappointed that his team lost the match. Tendency to regard things emotionally is chancy, real sports spirit is untameable, defeat and victory are inevitable aspects in sports, one need to perceive it as positive outcome. Let’s embrace winning and losing with the same spirit.

Ultimately football without fans is nothing, genuine fans are still out there hoping for more good games and celebrating every single victory and defeat with the same enthusiasm. We can also find some fan groups ensuring that changes are done for the good of people, enlightened to discover that such groups does exist. This FIFA it’s all about celebration…

Let’s celebrate football, live football “Together”….