Sports Tourism in Kerala

Sports Tourism in Kerala

Sports Tourism, travel which involves watching or participating in a sporting event. Let it be any sports like water sports, adventure sports and traditional martial sports, all these sports have its own part in enriching Kerala’s tourist admiration.

As per Kerala Tourism statistics, 10,91,870 foreign tourists arrived to Kerala in 2017, which shows 5.15%  increase resulting in total revenue increase by 12.56% and sports plays a significant role in spicing up tourist attraction into Kerala.

The boat races held in Kerala backwaters and chief lakes during monsoon season is without a doubt a visual splendour. Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Aranmula Boat Race, Payyipad Boat Race are few famous boat races.

Wayanad, is a leading tourist place in Kerala, with vast unexplored areas with hills, rocks and abundant forest, it’s all open wide hand for the tourists to experience adventure with nature. Kalaripayattu, martial sport also plays a significant role in sports tourism in Kerala, foreigners even arrive to undergo special training under the supervision of Kalaripayattu masters.

Yet another interesting break is that, La Liga side Girona plays two matches in Kochi on July, this is certainly a development, India being in the list of pre-season football destinations across globe. Jawaharlal Nehru stadium will spectate the matches, authorities are expecting mass crowd for the league, including foreigners. This is certainly a milestone for Kerala’s sports tourism.

With it’s own cultural and traditional grandeur accompanying traditional sports, Kerala is on its way to sumptuous sports tourism. This FIFA season, Kerala Tourism released a promo video recently as a part of promoting lush greens of God’s Own Country, ‘Soccer at Sixty ‘where they share football story of a sixty year old James, football player from 80’s star team, who has still got the real spirit of sports. It’s encouraging and captivating indeed which sheds light to a path, a path for our millennials to follow, come out and play.