Thank you Sachin: From Blasters and Kerala-upUPUP

Thank you Sachin: From Blasters and Kerala-upUPUP

It was a sudden shocking turn of events as our own, Sachin declared his departure from Kerala Blasters. His exit from the International Super League just before the fifth season take off in 29th September, leaves the Manjappada fans numb. The master blaster was with the Kerala Blasters since its inception in 2004, first ISL kick-off.  

Sachin about his exit; "Over the last four years, Kerala Blasters Football Club has been an integral part of my life. I have undergone all the emotions that millions of Kerala Blasters fans have undergone during this period….

My association with Kerala Blasters was driven with the intent to reignite the passion for the game and give the many fans and the abundant talent in Kerala, a national platform to express themselves. It has been a thrilling experience to chase this pursuit and something which I will always cherish," he added, he further added that he is happy with the team’s performance and believe that the team will attain success in coming days."

From all the Manjappada, Kerala and upUPUP…we thank you Sachin for being a strong support and inspiration all the way through. Kerala Blasters with a tag of “God of Cricket” had its own legacy and richness and it will remain the same forever. For us, this is not just an exit but a despairing misery, but we still believe that we will have your consistent backing in future.

As you expressed "I am very proud of Kerala Blasters and a piece of my heart will always beat for the club!” Every one of us too roar inside…not the roar to bid goodbye but the roar of gratitude, we the people of Kerala will always reminisce your instants with men in yellow.