When you feel like quitting: Think about these men

When you feel like quitting: Think about these men

We might feel like quitting now and then; quitting our job, our passion and even at extremes, we even think about quitting our life. Before making a chancy move, pause and look around you, you can find wounded –reviving, falling – raising, get inspired with living symbols of determination and hard work.

Being an inspiration is not easy, but these men inspired many and still continues to do so with their achievements…

Muhammad Ali, he was an inspiration for a generation indeed. He was the most inspirational icon that sports gave us, many children admired his brave acts. The Champion of black emancipation gave hope to millions that anyone can overcome all odds; he makes fighters of us all, giving the courage to fight over your insecurities.

Michael Jordan, the best player in the history of NBA. He is another example of a successful athlete who hunted down his dreams, overcoming hardships.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying again.’’- M.J

Sachin Tendulkar, our God of Cricket is always an energy for Indian mass, not only for Indians but for everyone who loves Cricket. Our master blaster has inspired the Indian youth to grow and develop into a cricketer. His humbleness and flaunt less smile stays the same even after his farewell from Indian cricket. Sachin, a billion dreams always…

Michael Phelps, most decorated Olympian of all time; he imparted a sense that made us believe “failure should drive you, not cripple you”.

“I found something I love, and I never gave up.” Michael Phelps

Terry Fox, a distant runner who ran for a cause with great determination; he lost his right leg to cancer but that didn’t stop him, he ran to make public aware to his disease. His marathon of hope, to run across Canada, one end to another didn’t succeed as he was forced to stop because his cancer spread to lungs. But he certainly accomplished one thing- inspired a nation.