Feeling Aged? Inactive?

Feeling Aged? Inactive?

Long hours of working, sleepless nights and tight schedules makes you feel aged, unenergetic and inactive? If so don’t run to doctors for medical assistance nor have protein powder and vitamin tablets, instead think what you did all through your active, fun-filled childhood days- remember those days when you used to play, run and jump through hoops, you couldn’t rest even for a single minute. Well, one could easily defend this by saying that “it was long back then, at that age but now it’s not possible”, is it- really?

It is not the same, I do agree but what does it take to give one hour of your day for, not only for your body but also for your mind to stretch out. Nowadays, even climbing up long stairs or running to catch a bus could make you breathless and drained out, this shows how fragile you have become due to your lifestyle. Take a pause and think when was the last time you played your favorite sport or got engaged in a physical activity? Way long back isn’t it?

Okay now, let’s not focus on your past, instead of that, at present what can you do? Now that you have decided to get active, to gain back your youthful day; are you ready to get sporty? A number of physical activities can help you, but why chose sports? Because it’s fun! It can take you back to your old days, keeps you active and vibrant; the potency of sports can manage your mood and attitude.

Sports gives a positive effect not only physically, but also mentally; leading you to have a healthier relationship with people. It also helps in building self- esteem changing the outlook of your life; making you feel alive. Pick your favorite sport, Football or Badminton, go and play.

Just take a simple step which could change how you live, how you feel and how you look; Make the difference. Say goodbye to your sleep desk, vitamin tablets and finally kick off the “lazy you”.

Come…let’s play again!!!