Less Sports in Kochi: Why???

Less Sports in Kochi: Why???

Less sports in Cochin, is it because of less availability of playgrounds? Not really!!! There are 60+ sports, 300+ sports venues and 30+ sports clubs in Kochi, can you believe it? This is still unknown for many and what about the known people? They often ignore it, busy with their cushy lifestyle.

Adapting the metro lifestyle fit to burst with workload, stress, and pressure is a choice you have made. Now add some daily dose of sports in your life, which helps to make your day brighter. Here, there’s no need to give an oration on “how sports benefits your life”, every one of us is already aware of it, so no more blabbering on that.

Some find excuses to back run from playing sports, assuming what they are doing is sports, like running to catch a bus, walking home after work…these are just light physical activities but not sports. No more excuses’, come out and play real sports.

An hour of real sports can give an extra mileage for your lifespan, a dose of sports in your daily routine gives the effect of 10 protein powder cans that you’re having, and this is not exaggerating as it is proved by many.

There are 24x7 open, multi-equipped sports venues in our city and some of them even provide special timing for ladies. Special coaching and personal trainers are available at your service. From cricket, football, golf, and badminton to board games like caroms and chess, every single sport can be found easily nowadays at your fingertips.

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