Sports in Chennai

Sports in Chennai

Chennai, the vibrant and colorful city in Tamil Nadu, is highly energetic in sports too. The Capital City of Tamil Nadu offers multi-sports facilities across the city.

Many sports celebrities call Chennai their home, Grandmaster, Viswanathan Anand was born in Chennai, others like Squash star, Dipika Pallikal, and cricketers – Nasser Hussein and Ravichandran Ashwin are Chennaiyans.

Cricket is the most popular sport, but like other cities, Football is no exception to celebrate. Tennis comes second in the position, as Chennai hosted the ATP event from 1996to 2017 at SDAT Tennis Stadium. Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, Racing, Chess, Squash, Badminton are other major active sports.

When it comes to sports, we can’t ignore a certain category, the “Fanbase”, Chennai has the craziest die-hard sports fans, from painting their body with the color of their favorite team ’s jersey to worshipping sportsmen as “god”, is still a practice among the sports fanatics of Chennai. Their passion and energy can be witnessed in every IPL, CSL or whatever match that’s happening in Chennai, just wooing their heart out, motivating their team, it’s just awesome.

After all, we all know “Chennai Gathu”!!!

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Let’s play again!!!