What made us into filming such a content?

What made us into filming such a content?

Took membership and you are paying but not playing? This is what usually happens everywhere. People might get lazy at times, other times they might get tied up with work while others can’t even find co-players to play.

Through study and gathering feedback from our app users, these are the pain points we found that every sports enthusiast are facing. Promoting a healthy- sporty lifestyle in this hectic world is not easy, but we decided to give it a try by giving an ultimate solution.

Finding co-players that too, according to your skill level is not easy-peasy. There are many players who want to practice daily, but struggling to find co-players to do so. We found many such kinds, hence introduced “Match Hosting” feature, where one can easily find co-players of his/her choice.

upUPUP, Soniya ad is a witty content featuring a lazy brother and sporty sister encouraging her brother to “play”, created by Peraka Media, a dynamic ad-film production house in Kochi.

upUPUP is calling out …come, let’s play again !!!