Badminton: Do’s and Don’ts

Badminton: Do’s and Don’ts

We know that you are all excited to play hard, but don’t rush instead follow this simple for better experience.


  • Before starting, do warm ups to warn your body that you’re off to do some physical work.


  • Do stretching from head to toe to protect yourself from getting injured.


  • Always remember your angles and math, for better movement in striking


  • Practice your backward movement well


  • Get a grip in the racket and adjust the grip according to your movement



  • Racket Clash, number one don’t do rule in Badminton while playing doubles. Make sure that you’re not hitting your partners racket as the rackets may broke during the clash.


  • Do not forget that you should cover your partner in double’s badminton.


  • Do not look behind to see what’s your partner is doing when the shuttle’s gone past,  always make a plan before.


  • Do not move back immediately after your short serve.


  • Do not lift to the mid court or forecourt.


Even after following the above mentioned tips, there are things which you still need to focus on. Don’t allow the pressure of the game hit you, after all the first thing you have to do is to enjoy the game wholeheartedly.