Finally the sports app, which you were long waiting, is here! upUPUP is a sports app, which helps keep your sporting spirit high and flying. It allows you to find a co-player to play your favourite sports; find the availability of a court in a venue near you and book it instantly….and…. Let’s play Again!

Why it is Special ?

Look what this app has to offer
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Why is it special?

Your Sport! [What to Play]

Bored of playing the same sport every day? Try a different Sport Today!!...upUPUP allows you to choose different sports and make your time fun and freaky….. Let’s play Again!

Your Time! [When to Play]

You decide when to play. upUPUP gives you the option to search all the sporting venues around you and shows their court availability. Choose your convenient time, block the court and Book right away!!... Let’s play Again!

Your Place! [Where to Play]

Near to your home or office! You choose the place where you want to play!.... upUpUp allows you to decide where to go and play, every time…Your choices are too many!!Let’s play Again!

Your Team! [Whom to Play with]

Form a team with people whom you like!...upUPUP allows you to connect with the co-players of your choice and interest.. Let’s play Again!