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What we provide?

Host A Match

Finding a co-player is the most basic requirement to play a team game, and this is achieved by “Hosting a Match” in upUPUP. When a match is hosted, it will send notifications to all sports lovers, within the area and sports of your interest, and they will request you to join. You can accept [or reject] those requests and finalize to book a venue at a convenient place and time, …and…. Let’s play… Again!

Book a Venue to Play

upUPUP shows all the sports venues around your areas, also you can view the availabilty of courts/grounds. Once you have found a suitable day and time, book the venue instantly. upUPUP also allow you to select and notify friends, whom you have accepted to play with..…. Let’splay… Again!

Coming up....Many more...

  • Offers
  • Coaches and trainers
  • Sports Consultants
  • Rate Your Co-player and Venues