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upUPUP is the leading Online sports & ground booking app, envisioned to revolutionise the sports industry, 360° and more…upUPUP is the in-progress brainchild of Planet Priorities. After their, now matured advertisement film production house, Peraka Media [www.perakamedia.com].

Planet Priorities....

Human race’ existence and extinction is a question to us, to revert on the degree of returns we give back to the planet and communities, which nurtured and keeps nurturing us. A question, which will keep on haunting us, for every actions we take.

Planet Priorities is not a conceived idea or a brain-stormed outcome, but a reality in life, which we dream to achieve, sustain and pass it on to our children to nurture, enhance and carry on… for the generations..to come !!

This is our Priority and purpose of life…what is yours’?

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A Complete Sports App

Sports is an integral part of life; the degree of involvement varies, but for sure, we all have a favourite sport. upUPUP sports app is a friend in your sports life.


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