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What we provide?

Host A Match

Finding a co-player is the most basic requirement to play a team game, and this is achieved by “Hosting a Match” in upUPUP sports booking app. When a match is hosted, it will send notifications to all sports lovers, within the area and sports of your interest, and they will request you to join. You can accept [or reject] those requests and finalize to book a sports venue at a convenient place and time, …and…. Let’s play… Again!

Book a Venue to Play

upUPUP online sports booking app shows all the sports venues around your areas, also you can view the availabilty of courts/grounds. Once you have found a suitable day and time, book the sports venue instantly. upUPUP also allow you to select and notify friends, whom you have accepted to play with..…. Let’splay… Again!

Hot Offer

Find exciting last minute offers and get great discounts for your sports booking.


Get an additional benefits, Top-up and do quick sports booking with your UPcoins and much more...

Refer a Friend

Refer & Earn, Share a link to your friend and earn money for your next sports venue or sports booking.

Coming up....Many more...

  • Tournaments
  • Venue management
  • Experts
  • Membership management